beautiful interiors

Design Process

Anna, as The Home Alchemist™, places the essence of home at the heart of the design process. Everything is mindfully designed to create spaces for our clients that completely resonate with them and generate positivity and happiness. The process goes deeper than the aesthetic although all our designs are beautiful. The magic that brings this all together combines art, psychology, mindfulness and traditional interior design principles. This unique blend and approach to design delivers so much more than attractive spaces.

A key ingredient in delivering design schemes that feel authentic and light up our clients hearts is the application of colour and design psychology methods. By understanding our clients at a deeper level, we know exactly which colours and design styles will bring them joy. We don’t have a house interior style as every client is distinctive and so are the designs we create.

Biophilic design connects us to the natural environment through the use of direct and indirect nature. Humans have an innate love of nature — we long for it and without connecting with it, our health could suffer. We strive to improve well-being through design and this is a principle we incorporate. As well as direct elements such as plants, light and water, we aim to use natural fibres and materials as far as possible in our designs.

We understand the environmental and social impact of products selected for projects and we advise clients on choices they are making so they fully understand the impact. We do not advocate fast fashion in interiors and prefer the principles of design for longevity. Our design ethos of designing for each client as a distinct individual avoids the using trends and ensures our clients love their space endures for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an interior designer?
Any large renovation or refurbishment is incredibly time-consuming and can be overwhelming. Given the large investment being made, you don’t want to make any costly or irreversible mistakes. Hiring a professional interior designer for your project will free up your time and capacity and they will bring their unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of the interiors market. They will provide a trustworthy safe pair of hands to deliver your project and will deliver a life-changing design that truly reflects who you are.

What type of projects do you?
We undertake all types of interior design projects including major home renovations, turn key projects, commercial spaces and hospitality. Our approach looks at your unique space and considers the users of the space how you want it to feel and what behaviours you want to see.

Can you manage the entire project?
Absolutely yes! Our full-service design offering includes oversight of all works and trades to implement the interior design scheme. This is a valuable offering for clients short of time or not physically located at the property.

Which countries do you work in?
Most of our interior design projects are based within the UK but we have undertaken projects further afield in Europe. Whether we are working on a project 5 minutes from our studio or further afield, the service offered is unchanged. Holiday homes are among our favourite projects.

How much does interior design cost?
Interior design is a labour-intensive luxury service and all the projects we undertake are unique. Each project is costed as a bespoke service. However, we do offer ways to work with us if the full interior design service is not for you. Take a look at our Consultation and Design pages for more information.